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The Benefits of Cable over Satellite

Unclear about which service is best for you? While clever ads and marketing campaigns make satellite seem like the perfect service, there are some things consumers need to know. Following are some of the biggest misstatements, misconceptions, and inaccuracies that may cloud the picture for you.

Myth #1:  Satellite TV is less expensive than cable.

Fact:  You must take into account the extra cost satellite customers pay for local channels, additional receivers in the house, and typical repair cost. At most common levels of service, Benton County Cable customers pay far less than DirecTV or Dish Network customers for comparable services.

Myth #2:  Local channels are now available on satellite.

Fact:  While satellite companies are delivering local broadcast channels in some markets, they fail to mention they charge you an additional fee ($6 per month) to get these channels.

Myth #3:  You get more channels with satellite than cable.

Fact:  Satellite companies total their offerings nationwide to include all the local broadcast channels that can only be purchased in specific markets. A large number of the channels offered in their count are blank channels that offer music in the back ground. This is all meant to mislead customers. You can’t legally access all the channels they boast about, regardless of what you have heard.

Myth #4:  Satellite companies are customer friendly.

Fact:  Satellite companies are not very customer friendly from the beginning. You must buy or lease a dish and receiver. They require you to sign a one year commitment with penalties to downgrade or cancel. You have to call an (800) number for repairs�and wait! With cable, you just sign up, and we provide everything you need at installation. There’s no contract with cable, and you get local friendly service.

If you decide to go with satellite, here is what you’ll miss:

  • The ability to watch different programs on different TVs without any additional equipment.
  • Local broadcast channels for no additional cost.
  • Free service calls from a local company in your community.
  • Widest variety of programming at the lowest price.
  • Access to high speed internet without the $700 price tag that comes with satellite.
With this information, we hope we have cleared the static for you. Call us today to schedule your cable installation!